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Empowering Enterprise Transformation with Data & AI

We are a transformation consultancy, who empower enterprises to harness their data and AI as their competitive edge, all the time taking in to account your people and your processes.  With a focus on outcomes, we drive and deliver transformation in organisations through their people, processes, and technology, cultivating data-rich, people first environments ready to maximise AI and your data at scale

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Our Focus

Unlock data-driven opportunities, boost performance and introduce new capabilities
Crafting, Developing, and Launching Data and AI-Enhanced Solutions for Maximum Customer Impact
Building, Future-Proof, Robust, and Scalable Solutions Driven by Modern Cloud Technologies
Amplifying Organisational Value with Tailored Data Science and Machine Learning Solutions
Empowering Informed Decisions with Data Insights, Fostering Growth and Innovation
Empowering Individuals, Cultivating Change, and Driving Transformation

Committed to
Responsible AI

At VisVira, we recognize the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on society. As stewards of this technology, we are dedicated to ensuring that our AI initiatives align with ethical, social, and environmental considerations.


Here’s how we uphold responsible AI practices:

Ethical Framework: We adhere to a robust ethical framework that guides our AI development. This includes transparency, fairness, and accountability. Our algorithms are designed to avoid bias and promote inclusivity.

Data Privacy: We prioritize data privacy and protection. Our AI models are trained using anonymized and consented data. We comply with relevant regulations (such as GDPR) and communicate openly with users about data usage.

Explainability: We believe in AI transparency. Our models are interpretable, allowing users to understand how decisions are made. We avoid “black-box” approaches and provide clear explanations.

Human-Centric Design: Our AI solutions are user-centric. We actively involve diverse stakeholders in the design process, considering their needs, values, and potential impact.

Continuous Monitoring: Responsible AI is an ongoing commitment. We monitor model performance, assess unintended consequences, and iterate to improve outcomes.

Education and Awareness: We educate our teams and clients about responsible AI practices. We foster a culture of awareness, encouraging discussions on AI ethics.

Collaboration: We collaborate with industry peers, academia, and policymakers to shape responsible AI standards. Together, we address challenges and drive positive change.

Join us in shaping an AI-powered future that benefits everyone. At VisVira, responsible AI isn’t just a buzzword—it’s our promise.


At VisVira, we believe that our greatest asset is our people. If you’re passionate about innovation, collaboration, and making a meaningful impact, you’ve come to the right place. Explore our career opportunities and join a dynamic team that’s shaping the future. Let’s build something extraordinary together! 

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Strategic Partnerships B2B

At VisVira, we thrive on collaboration and recognise that large-scale transformation projects often require diverse expertise, skills and specialist people to delivery a complete solutions.


We actively seek partnerships with other IT & Development companies where we can combine our strengths, share knowledge, and deliver impactful customer solutions. 


Do our skills complement yours for a customer you are working with, do you need anything from staff augmentation to complete solution delivery teams, we can complement or support you in your delivery?

Whether it’s co-innovation, joint ventures, or strategic alliances, we’re open to working together to drive meaningful change for our clients.

Let’s create something extraordinary for our customers by joining forces!

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